How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle Successfully

How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle Successfully

Over the years, there have been emails and phone calls I’ve been scared to make. I’m held back by the fear that I’m not good enough, the recipient won’t care about what I have to say, or “They’re just going to say no!” I used to avoid these simple tasks even if I knew they would help me in the long run!

This is one reason I think the anonymity of the internet can be good. Obviously there are downsides to this as well (we’ve all seen movies and TV shows about cyber-bullying and catfishing). But, I think having a screen between you and someone else can allow you to focus your thoughts, make you bolder, and allow you to get over some of your initial fears.

This is why the podcast The Laptop Lifestyle resonated so well with me. The host, Alexis Teichmiller, is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who knows what it takes to succeed online. Her podcast is designed to inspire, educate, and challenge you to live the life you want everyday. Through her interview-style podcast, you can discover how to live the laptop lifestyle to the fullest.

What Is the Laptop Lifestyle?

The Laptop Lifestyle is generally talking about people who work from home and run their own business. Their revenue and income generally comes from online endeavors. I would like to broaden the definition for this post, because I think everyone lives some sort of variation of this lifestyle. For example, I don’t make any money from my blog, but I spend a significant amount of time on my laptop working on creative projects. I also spend 10 hours a day on the computer for work. I think a lot of creative people fall into this category, and learning to live the Laptop Lifestyle successfully can be useful and liberating.

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How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle Successfully

After listening to fifteen episodes of The Laptop Lifestyle, here are three themes I found that can easily be applied to our lives, no matter what our personal or professional goals are:

Be an Expert

One of my favorite quotes from this podcast was, “I’m an expert at nothing, but I’m an expert at living my own life.” Let’s be real, we aren’t better than anyone else… at anything. There’s always someone who’s going to be better than you at everything you do. Now, you can take that as a personal attack on your abilities and give up. Or, you can realize that there is actually one thing that no one else has that you do. And that’s being you.

I think this concept is exceptionally important for young people living the laptop lifestyle. We spend so much time looking at other blogs, Instagram stories, and Facebook statuses. We see the perfectly polished efforts of others and don’t feel like we add up. If you’re going to live the laptop lifestyle, it’s important to know that you are unique and have something to offer even if everyone else seems “better.”

Through this podcast, I noticed that all of the women that were interviewed were comfortable with their stories. They knew where they came from, where they were going, and had a plan in place to get there. All of these women had different paths and different stories. It’s so important for you to know your own story and let it guide you, because it’s what makes you YOU.

Keep Trying

The Laptop Lifestyle can be discouraging for creatives. Especially if your goal is to make money from your online endeavors. You have to pay attention to analytics and numbers; how many visitors and views you get, what social media platforms are performing well for you, etc. Reaching out to others is often high on your priority list, because opportunities don’t just fall in your lap! But those things can often be discouraging, because you’re at the mercy of the choices of others.

But there is good news! The more you try, the more likely you are to succeed. One of the guests on the podcasts explained that she was in a huge rut with her blog and felt stuck. To get out of her rut, she started sending 30-50 emails a day until she found opportunities that got her to the next level. Even though you’re lightly dependent on others to make the choice and purchase your service or product, there are still things you can do to keep trying and get your name out there.

Make Daily Goals

On some level, we all know that we need daily goals. They’re like little stepping stones that get us where we need to go. Think about it this way, if we break down every large task into small ones and are consistent in completing those small tasks over time, we’ll reach that bigger goal. I know a lot of people, myself included, that get a grand idea in their heads and want to complete the whole goal in one sitting! There’s nothing wrong with working a bunch when you have the motivation, that’s actually really great. The problem comes when that motivation inevitably vanishes and you’re left with good, old-fashioned, diligence and discipline.

There are so many ways to set goals for yourself and everyone needs to figure out what methods work best for them. I received a comment on one of my previous posts from Meredith that I would like to share here:

“A trick I use (because ultimately I am all about gratification lol) is I will choose anywhere from 6-10 things to accomplish in a day, but I have equal amounts of things I completely enjoy. Then, I start with the one I least desire to do. That gives me great satisfaction once it is done and just gives me a boost. Then, I do one of the more pleasurable activities (that is my reward).”

Meredith’s method is just one way of going about completing your daily tasks, but I thought it was an excellent example. I think daily goals are great, because they stop you from looking ten steps ahead and getting overwhelmed. They also help you stay in the moment and stay focused. But, that takes diligence. If you’d like to learn more about staying diligent, check out this post: Why Diligence is Important to Your Success.


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