The Importance of Lifelong Learning

The term “Girl Boss” is fairly new. From what I can tell, there are mixed feelings about the term. On one hand, female entrepreneurs use it to empower themselves and each other to hustle harder and reach tough goals. There’s a Girl Boss hashtag on Instagram and Twitter if you want to check out some of the things young women share and accomplish. The other view is that the term is degrading to women because instead of being a “Girl Boss,” you could just be a boss. For example, you wouldn’t call a female doctor a “Girl Doctor” or a female lawyer a “Girl Lawyer,” because it doesn’t portray the same amount of respect. If you’d like to learn more about this point of view, check out this post by Rachel Hollis.

Knowing that this term was slightly controversial, I decided to pick a podcast this week that gave us an idea of what a Girl Boss was, without necessarily using that term.  I ended up choosing the Being Boss podcast by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. These two are good friends that come from different online businesses. They started this podcast together to help young women form a mindset and lifestyle that fits their entrepreneurial spirit. Their website is an excellent place to find helpful information as well.

There were quite a few things I enjoyed about this podcast, but what I enjoyed the most is how knowledgeable Emily and Kathleen are. They encourage young women to go after their goals and work hard to reach them. And make good decisions. Just because they found success one way, that doesn’t mean we all need to do the exact same things they did. Everyone has their own path to success and their own story to share.

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The Importance of Lifelong Learning

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Lifelong Learning

After listening to fifteen episodes of this podcast, there was one theme in particular I wanted to focus on. As a gerontology student, the importance of lifelong learning is constantly taught. Lifelong learning is essentially voluntarily seeking opportunities to learn throughout your life. This is a deliberate act and does not have to be a formal class or setting. It can be researching how to design a website on Google or learning to swim by practicing skills you learn from YouTube videos. I would definitely consider the hosts of Being Boss lifelong learners, because they spend their time learning from books.

These two women read so many books. So many. In the first few episodes, they recommended a bunch of really great books for us to read. I’ve complied a list of a few of them below:


This book is written by Sophia Amorus, a #Girlboss who gets what she wants. Her book tells her own unique story that focuses on learning from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others. When writing this post, I came across quite a few quotes from Amorus that were hilarious and blunt.

Yes Please

I personally love the TV show Parks and Recreation. Amy Poehler is hilarious and quirky in the best way possible. Her book is a mix of advice (some helpful and some not to helpful, from that I can tell) about a bunch of different topic, spanning from personal stories to parenthood.

The Four Agreements

The author Don Miguel Ruiz uses this book to offer a way for us to transform our lives to experience freedom, true happiness, and love. The book is based on ancient Toltec wisdom. Another focus of the book is revealing the source of self-limiting beliefs. Beliefs that destroy happiness and lead to suffering. 

Is Everyone Hanging Out with Me?

Along with Parks and Recreation, The Office is AMAZING. Did you know that Mindy Kaling actually helped write material for The Office episodes? If her book is even half as funny as that show, I’m buying it right now. Mindy has worn many hats, and has a lot of life experience for being so young. And in this book she shares all her wisdom.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

This is a different kind of book than the other books mentioned so far. I would recommend this book to bloggers and other online professionals. It’s all about how to tell your unique story on social media. You want social media success with killer content and a cohesive brand? This book is for you.

Daring Greatly

This book is all about gaining confidence from your vulnerability. By learning to share your weaknesses, they actually become strengths. That can be hard to do in this world that respects perfection, especially since that’s what we see on social media daily. This book can teach us how to own our imperfections. 


This is another great book for creative entrepreneurs. How many of you think, “If only I had more money, I’d start my business.” Jason Fried, the author of Rework, makes us think about that differently through his book that uses tactics that aren’t often used. For example, throwing planning out the window and getting rid of schedules.

Lifelong learning is incredibly important. Books are a really great alternative to expensive classes or courses if you want to learn about really anything! I also love podcasts and TED Talks. How do you all continue learning even after your years at university are long gone?


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