3 Tips to Add Intention to Your Daily Life

I spend a lot of time on trains. I often sit by the window in the early mornings and look out at the landscape as it rushes by, feeling the cool air radiate from the glass. For the past four weeks, I’ve been listening to podcasts as I ride, which has added not only spectacular audio, but a way to learn from others. This week I chose Jess Lively’s The Lively Show. It’s designed to uplift, inspire, and add intention to your everyday life. And it certainly does.

Jess is awesome. She started her business when she was fifteen and now travels the world full time while teaching others how to live more joyfully. One thing I love about Jess is that she leads conversations, but does not dominate them. The people she interviews feel free to open up about their own stories and Jess simply guides them along.

Every episode of The Lively Show (that I listened to) is an interview with someone who lives a life of intention. Most of them are bloggers and entrepreneurs that blazed their own online trails. What I love about this setup is that even though these people have similar outcomes (successful businesses or blogs), they have such different ways of getting there. Some people took eight years to get to where they are and some took significantly less time, but all of their stories are unique and interesting. After listening to the first 15 episodes, there are three themes I found in The Lively show.

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Be Diligent

We are all incredibly busy. We have families, school, work, housework, etc. And huge dreams that we need to work for. And only 24 hours in a day. I’m willing to bet that our dreams are often put on the back-burner when prioritizing the zillion things we have to do.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to take hours and hours of our time each day to work towards our goals. It was suggested in this podcast that if you just take 30 minutes every day to work on your blog or business, you’ll be able to build momentum. Taking small chunks of time and really focusing on the task at hand can be more effective than taking a lot of time and not being as focused. Doing too many things at a time can also be overwhelming. Instead, try to pick one or two things to accomplish at a time and dive deeper into them.

In addition, recognize that there’s always something you’re going to want. Someone else will be living your ideal situation. One of the guests Jess interviews talks specifically about this situation. She says to just do something to move forward and not stay in a situation that you’re unhappy with! Stop giving excuses and go after what you want.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

At the end of each episode, Jess asked everyone she interviewed what their best piece of advice would be for someone just starting out on their journey. Almost every single person she interviewed said, “Just do it! Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams!” Now, how many times have you heard that advice from someone further along in the process? I’ve heard it so many times, and it never sunk in. Until listening to this podcast.

You’re never going to be 100 percent ready for something. Right now, I’ve been procrastinating growing an email list for my blog. It’s scary to me because it’s something I haven’t done before. And the thought, “Man, what if no one signs up?” holds me back. But here’s the thing, nothing has to be permanent. If the first email I send out is a total flop, then I’ll learn from it and write a better one. The same principle applies to anything, really.

This podcast was full of people Jess had met at conventions and social events. She is so willing to reach out to others and get their opinions and perspectives. It can be exhausting just thinking about networking sometimes! But Jess recommends reaching out to others in creative ways (such as buying them a taco instead of offering money) to build relationships and show your interest in their knowledge. Try your best to open doors for yourself. The worst they can do is say no!

Find Your Passion

I’m not a vegetarian, but one of my favorite episodes of The Lively Show was with a guest that makes her living coaching and writing about plant based eating. The reason I enjoyed this episode is because the guest had gone through so much to get to the point where she found what she was truly passionate about. To me, someone that is so sure about what they’re sharing is inspiring.

Even if we’re not inspired by vegan recipes, sharing what you love is essential to success. For me, I am passionate about actively learning to become my best self. I love finding new resources to make that possible, and sharing what I find on this blog helps propel me forward.

No matter what you choose to pursue in life, there will always be someone that will disagree with you or think you’re silly. And that’s okay! Be confident in who you are and what’s important to you. Because you have something to share with the world.



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How to Set Goals, Be Authentic, and Serve Your Audience

Let’s be real, none of us are completely satisfied with our blog’s growth or our social media presence. Most of us don’t make money with our blogs and can’t quit our 9-5 jobs to pursue our dreams. And it’s probably because we have no idea where to start. That’s where Jenna Kutcher, the hostess of The Goal Digger Podcast, comes in.

Jenna is a blogger, podcast host, photographer, and business woman who is living our dream. She’s obsessed with macaroni and cheese, fostering puppies, and napping. The wonderful thing about Jenna is that she absolutely loves to serve other people. She talks about serving others quite often, but shows that she means it by sharing free content with her followers and being open about the way she runs her business.

One of the most important things about this podcast is that Jenna gives us a piece of advice that is grossly overlooked. Creating a brand that speaks to people. A brand that people think of when they’re not looking at your website. A brand that they genuinely like! I will let her speak to you about how to grow your blog or business since she’s certainly more qualified, but I’d like to point out themes I saw in the 15 episodes I listened to of The Goal Digger Podcast.

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Serve Your Audience

I get a ton of emails with people asking me to buy something. And I never do. I think part of that reason is that I feel no personal connection to those brands at all! What Jenna has found is that if she gives and gives and gives to her audience without asking for anything in return, they will respond much more favorably when she does ask.

She continually asks herself, “What keeps my readers up at night?” Asking that question requires a couple things. 1) You need to know who your audience is, 2) show that you hear them and that you’re willing to solve their problem, and 3) love and believe in the content that you’re putting out to help them.

I think a lot of us miss the mark with this point. I personally have never hosted a giveaway, created free eBooks or worksheets, or given free coaching sessions. However, I try to read posts other bloggers put out and show as much support as I can. I also enjoy collaborating with others to create richer content. I definitely encourage you to think about how you can serve your audience on a more personal level.

Be Authentic

One of the concepts Jenna brings up is the importance of being authentic. This essentially means being your true self and not putting on your best face for social media. I used to think that this is easier to say for someone like Jenna with a ton of followers. She’s already established a brand and doesn’t necessarily need to impress anyone. However, she got to that point because she was extremely authentic. She shares enough of her life with her audience to make them feel connected to her, and she tries her best to respond to them and make them feel loved.

A wonderful thing that Jenna points out is that there is no one size fits all to business, social media, or marketing. Success will come when you own up to who you are and go from there. When you’re authentic, the people you want to attract will be attracted to you, and that’s all that matters. Part of that is finding your unique voice and trying to write the way you talk. Not adding fluffy adjectives or filler words.

Set Goals

This sounds extremely obvious considering her podcast is called The Goal Digger Podcast, but Jenna interviews some really great people that touch on this topic. One interesting conversation was about jealousy. If you’re jealous of someone, try to understand why. Do they have the career you want, the relationship, or something else? If you’re someone that doesn’t know what you’re doing with your life, look at what you’re jealous of and go from there. Obviously don’t let is weigh you down, use is as a springboard to bigger and better things. And remember that things don’t happen by chance. Successful people work for what they have.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that we don’t have to do everything. If you set too many goals at a time, you won’t be successful. Pick a couple things that you think you can really work for, and focus on them. For example, so many people try to work on every social media platform right at the beginning of starting their blog, and get burnt out. Decide what success looks like for YOU and go for it. And if someone is doing something else and is successful, be happy for them, not competitive.

I’ve found that listening to this podcast gave me a lot of inspiration for making my blog better (and got me really excited to try new things, like building an email list!). Some things Jenna talks about in this podcast are too intense for me because my blog is only one month old. However, the themes I discussed in this post are hopefully things we can all work on not matter how far along our blogs are.

What have you guys been working on recently to make your blogs better and serve your audience?


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